Blog Post March 3, 2022

Five Keys to Staging Your Home to Sell

Five Keys to Staging Your Home to Sell

If you are planning to sell your home this year, it’s essential to understand the need for staging. Even in this strong seller’s market, I consistently find that a well-staged home can sell for 10-15% more than a home that isn’t show-ready. As a listing agent, it is my job to work closely with you to best stage your home.

What exactly does “staging” mean? A staged home is in excellent selling condition, set up so that a buyer notices the home’s primary selling features rather than the seller’s things. Staging helps the buyer understand each room’s space and visualize living in the home. Sometimes this involves a professional stager who loans you new furniture and accessories, but staging begins with these five tasks for every seller:

Painting – Adding a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to increase the appeal of your home. Colors should be neutral and consistent throughout the house. If you have bright or dated colors or beat-up walls in any rooms, I highly recommend painting. Additionally, a fresh coat of white paint on trim throughout the house is a fantastic way to make the whole house look clean and fresh. De-Clutter – Get rid of all stacks of magazines and books, piles of mail and files, boxes of forgotten toys, baskets of clutter, fake dusty plants, etc. All counters and dressers should be clear of everything. The goal here is for buyers not to be distracted by your personal items and feel your home is organized (which translates in their mind to well-maintained).

Less is more – Go room-by-room and look at your furniture. Decorators love furniture, and we often live with a lot of it! Too much furniture makes rooms look smaller and can turn off to buyers. Try your hardest to eliminate at least one piece of furniture from each room in the house. Always remove pieces that are worn, ripped or stained. I will help you with your furniture placement to maximize the space.

Cleanliness – Even the slightest mess can be a turnoff to potential buyers. Deep cleaning is essential for going on the market. I recommend cleaning places that are typically ignored, such as baseboards, cabinets, pantry shelves, closet floors, ceiling fans, windows, vents, and air returns. Don’t forget to clean your front door, porch, and surrounding windows – make an excellent first impression!

Let the Light Shine – Now that your house is clean and clutter-free, make sure people can see it in all its splendor by opening all curtains and shades to let in the natural light. I often recommend removing curtains and drapes, including rods and hooks (don’t forget to patch the walls).

Staging is one of my favorite parts of working with clients! I tour many homes with buyers and understand what appeals to them. I have a full storage room of staging pieces to help fill in areas of your home that need a special touch. I also partner with Nested Spaces to do the heavy lifting when we need furniture for vacant rooms – they are excellent at staging an empty home with a designer style. Staging, combined with intelligent pricing, is how to sell with multiple offers going well above market value.